Staples undefeated on Opening Day of State Class LL Tourney

All 7 Staples boys tennis singles and doubles won and advance to round of 16 Sunday.
Click HERE for all draws and results (separate tabs for Singles & Doubles).
Here is today’s note from CIAC:
Play will resume Sunday at 1 p.m. Please try to arrive by 12:30. We will complete the second round of doubles and then complete the Sweet Sixteen Round in both singles and doubles.
This is very important information that all AD’s, coaches, players, families and spectators NEED to know…there is NO parking on the street for Saturday and Sunday…there will be parking inside the Yale Bowl…while busses are free, there is a $5.00 charge for parking...NO tents are permitted on the premises…NO grills of any type are permitted…and remember to hydrate. As we progress thru the draw it will get hotter and tougher on court.

Round 1:
Luke Foreman (#4 Seed), Staples def. Matt Yang, Westhill 6-0, 6-0 (1 pts )
Zack Levin (#6 Seed), Staples def Joseph Cashore, Cheshire 6-0, 6-0 (1 pts )
Josh Moskovitz, Staples def Paul Greshin, Simsbury 6-0, 6-1 (1 pts )
Max Zimmerman, Staples def Matthew Dahdah, Crosby 6-0, 6-0 (1 pts )
William Andrews/Jack Reardon (#3 Seed), Staples, Bye
Connor Mitnick/Baxter Stein (#6 Seed), Staples, Bye
Jason Chaskin/Thomas Price (#8 Seed), Staples, Bye
Staples Total after Round 1 = 4pts

Round 2:
Luke Foreman (#4), Staples def. Emil Friis, Fairfield Prep 6-0 6-1 (1 pt)
Zack Levin (#6), Staples def. Keillor Mose, Ridgefield 6-0 6-3 (1 pt)
Josh Moskovitz, Staples def. Dylan Amble, Xavier 6-1 6-1 ( 1pt)
Max Zimmerman, Staples def. Austin DuBois, Simsbury 3-6 6-2, 10-6 (1 pt)
Will Andrews/Jack Reardon (#3), Staples def. Ryan Brucato/Aaron Campos, Ridgefield 6-1 6-3 (2 pts*)
Connor Mitnick/Baxter Stein (#6), Staples def. Jordan Klein/Charlie Poarch, Newtown 6-1 6-0 (2 pts*)
Jason Chaskin/Sterling Price (#8), Staples def. Crosby Fox/Rishabh Tandon, Westhill 6-1 6-1 (2 pts*)
* – Doubles players received 2pts for Rd 2 Victory after bye in first round.
Staples Total after Round 2 = 14pts

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For more pictures of Staples and other Day 1 action, see album under PHOTOS  page.

Round 3 will be played at 1pm on Sunday at Yale. Match-ups are:

Luke Foreman (#4), Staples v Phillip Hochman (#16), Amity
Zack Levin (#6), Staples v Maxwell Einbinder (#12), Amity
Josh Moskovitz, Staples v Zach Ely (#7), Brien McMahon
Max Zimmerman, Staples v Danny Soifer (#8), Westhill
Will Andrews/Jack Reardon (#3), Staples v Marco Canepa/Jared Pepper, Amity
Connor Mitnick/Baxter Stein (#6), Staples v (Winner of Trent Newman/Robert Graham, Greenwich v Theodore Allen/William Graham (#11), Fairfield Prep)
Jason Chaskin/Sterling Price (#8), Staples v Tyler Dagino/Max Minichetti (#10), Greenwich

Unofficial Team Scores:
Staples 14 pts (4 Singles & 3 Doubles Remaining)
Amity 14 pts (4 Singles & 3 Doubles Remaining)
Greenwich 12 pts (3 Singles & 3 Doubles (one team needs to complete Rd.2) Remaining
Ridgefield 9 pts (1 Singles & 2 Doubles Remaining)

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