FCIAC 2011 Current Standings

FCIAC Boys Tennis                         Standings through 5/13                           


West                            W-L                            East                             W-L
Staples                         14-0                             New Canaan               13-1
Greenwich                   14-1                             Warde                         10-4
Ridgefield                   10-2                             Wilton                         9-5
Westhill                       8-6                               Darien                         8-6
Trumbull                      7-7                               Ludlowe                      7-7
Danbury                      5-10                             McMahon                    4-10
Stamford                     4-10                             St Joseph                     2-12
Bpt Central                 1-13                             Norwalk                      2-12
x                                                                        Trinity                         0-14

Playoff picture:

  • With a win over either McMahon or Stamford, Staples will clinch the #1 seed.
  • Greenwich, New Canaan, and Ridgefield have all clinched home court advantage for the first round of the playoffs.
  • New Canaan plays both Ridgefield and Greenwich next week.  If NC beats both of them, they will be the #2 seed, Greenwich will be #3, and Ridgefield will be #4.  If they beat Ridgefield and lose to Greenwich, the order of these three teams will be Greenwich-New Canaan-Ridgefield.  If they lose to both of them, the order of these three teams will be Greenwich- Ridgefield -New Canaan. If they beat Greenwich and lose to Ridgefield, there will be a coin toss to determine the seeding.
  • It is virtually certain that Warde, Wilton, Darien, and Westhill will be the four road teams in the first round of the playoffs.  If form holds up, seeding order will depend on the Darien-Warde match on Monday and on the Darien-Wilton match on Tuesday.