State LL Tournament Delayed until Tuesday

Class LL State Tournament delayed until Tuesday, May 28 at Hall High, West Hartford beginning at 8:30 am.

Click Here for Singles and Doubles Brackets.

Draws for Staples are listed below.  All four Staples singles players as well and Mitnick/Reardon in doubles received first round byes.  If they win their first match, they will gain two points towards the team score.

#6 Jake Hirschberg, Staples vs winner of Juan Elizathe, Westhill vs. Peter Galante, Newington
#7 Joshua Moscovitz, Staples vs winner of James Rasborough, Xavier vs. Mark Dalton, Glastonbury
#9 Zach Levin, Staples vs winner of Chris Hayes, Xavier vs. Edward Huang, Hall
#12 Luke Foreman, Staples vs winner of Zachary Peter, NFA vs. Thomas Gruberman, New Britain

#3 Connor Mitnick/Jack Reardon, Staples vs winner of Noah Roulat/Adam Svinte, New Milford v Brian Donovan/David Godwin, Manchester
#9 Jason Chaskin/Baxter Stein, Staples vs Jonathon Schwartz/Mackenzie Wollert, Simsbury
Unseeded Jared Eisenberg/Sterling Price, Staples vs Ryan Corcoran/Tyler Schmidt, South Windsor

Here’s the latest message from CIAC:

Update Sunday 10:00 am. On Tuesday morning we will have use of 6 tennis courts at nearby St. Joseph’s College (about 1.5 miles from Hall). In order to get through the draw and, possibly, an additional singles round, we will need some teams to go to that site. Supervision by coaches will be necessary and we may have a site director available. If both coaches cannot be on site, we will disallow coaching so that one player/team does not gain an advantage. We must vacate the site by 2:00 to allow for a Girls State tournament home match for NWC.
Welcome to the CIAC Boys Tennis Class LL Tournament Championships. Thank you for your patience with our postponements, and please continue to be patient with a very long day of matches. Play will begin at 8:30 Tuesday with a coaches meeting scheduled for 8:00. We will attempt to play all of the following matches in this order:
1. 8:30: Singles, Opening round (19 matches)
2. Doubles, First Round (25)
3. Singles, Round of 64 (32)
4. Doubles, Round of 32 (16)
With a total of 92 matches scheduled, plan on a long but exciting day of tennis.
Please make sure that you do not go into the building except for the use of bathrooms. No one is to roam the school building. Also, please keep the site clean by picking up and disposing all trash.
Check this site for announcements, changes and updates. Let’s have a great tournament!
Coach Jim Solomon, Tournament Director

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